SETEA – O projektu/About the project

SETEA (Sport Education Triggering Entrepreneurial Action) je Erasmus+ projekt mobilnosti za osobe koje rade s mladima u sklopu ključne aktivnosti 1 sa ciljem da se onima koji rade s mladima i potencijalnim sportskim poduzetnicima omogući primjena sportskih metoda i praksi s ciljem širenja poduzetničkog duha i vještina među mladima s manje mogućnosti u partnerskim zemljama.

Trajanje projekta: od 1. siječnja 2018. do 28. veljače 2019.

Rijeka Sport’s Association will develop two Training Courses: “Sport is the Way!” (Sassari,Italy) and “Give Entrepreneurship a Run!” (Rijeka; Croatia) in the frame of the project “Sport Education Triggering Entrepreneurial Action” (SETEA). The project will involve 40 youth workers and leaders from partner organization. SETEA aims at allowing youth operators (youth workers and leaders) and potential Sport entrepreneurs to employ Sport methods and practices to spread entrepreneurial mindset and skills among disadvantaged youngsters in partner countries. Europe is presently facing a massive employment crisis, especially for young people. Many youngsters in all partner countries suffer unemployment and exclusion from education and personal development opportunities. According to statistical findings (EUROSTAT), youth unemployment is a particularly concerning phenomenon in Italy (35,5%), Croatia (31%) and Bulgaria (16,6% As of April 2017). Statistical information and observation showed us that a need of communication between different geographical regions of Europe is required for sustainable development of youth employment through sport. Youth operators play an important role in supporting young people and they should, in our eyes, also play a vital role in supporting young people’s reflection on their personal development. Youth entrepreneurship in today’s Europe is a key issue for a greater economic development and for a deeper crises solution. Sport integrates key assets of an entrepreneurial mindset (proactiveness, risk-taking, team-work, flexibility, creativity) offering significant prospects as a tool of entrepreneurial development tailored to the needs and preferences of young people. SETEA GENERAL AIM is: To provide participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes to employ Sport to spread entrepreneurial attitudes and skills among disadvantaged youth; To promote cooperation among countries belonging to different European regions affected by similar problems of youth unemployment and exclusion; To develop a sustainable network among organizations in the youth field and sport; To explore the meaning, relevance and potential of youth entrepreneurship d for increasing youth employability; To reflect and exchange opinions/researches about the youth unemployment and entrepreneurship in different European countries in the field of sport; To explore Sport as an area of concrete entrepreneurial engagement for young people; To share examples of good practices combating youth unemployment in sport. We believe that SETEA will also significantly contribute to reach the objectives of the EU Youth Strategy for 2010-18, which are to provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and in the job market and to encourage young people to actively participate in society.


Activity n°1: TC “Sport is the Way!”. Participants: 20 youth workers/leaders involved in Non Formal Education through Sport. TC activities will be based on Non Formal Education tools as a medium for conveying entrepreneurial practices and values. The final outcome will be the production of a Guidebook on Entrepreneurial Skills Development through Sport Education which alongside knowledge and attitudes developed by participants during the TC will contribute in acting as multipliers disseminating TC outcomes within participants’ home organizations and the larger audience of persons interested in becoming youth entrepreneurs. The activity will take place in Italy
since it is partners’ resolve to foster contacts and cooperation between European Mediterranean and Balkan countries. Activity n°2: TC “Give Entrepreneurship a Run!”. Participants: 20, among which an experienced youth worker and one or more potential young sport entrepreneurs reached through dissemination of project TC for each national group. Non Formal Education will be the educational medium of reference. The TC “Sport is the Way!” will aim at: Training participants to employ useful instruments and knowledge to promote entrepreneurship through sport; Stimulating the use of Sport to develop self-entrepreneurship and active involvement; Increasing topic understanding as well as operational capacities of participant organizations through dissemination by participants.
“Give Entrepreneurship a Run!” will aim at: Helping participants understand Sport entrepreneurship’s role as a tool of development; Fostering youth operators’ capacities to train youngsters in supporting the use of Sport as an entrepreneurial tool by young people; Increasing partner organizations and knowledge of this issue area; Fostering cooperation and exchange of information among partner organizations and local NGOs. The Final output of the TC will be a “Manual on Entrepreneurship through Sport”, focused on exploring the dimension of Sport as a concrete tool of Entrepreneurship.


Guidebook on Entrepreneurial Skills Development Through Sport Education

Manual on Entrepreneurship through Sport